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Sex during Pregnancy, Myths and Taboos

Intercourse in Pregnancy

A number of myths and taboos surround “sex during pregnancy“. Some couples fear that sexual “intercourse in pregnancy” is harmful to the baby. They think that penetration during coitus may cause the water bags to rupture; or that penile thrusts may hurt the baby. Other fear that if they have sex as per normal, something terrible might happen and cause the onset of labour pains. Now you will get all the “information for pregnant mothers” in this article. Although we have seen multiple article on pregnancy care in this section.

Sex during Pregnancy:

That is why people rely on father to protect the pregnancy and the well-being of the baby by abstaining from sexual intercourse with his wife during her pregnancy. It is as though that if he keeps himself under restraint and exercise self-control, he will help the pregnancy to go well.

In the womb, the unborn baby is safe from a reasonable amount of jostling and “wear and tear” of daily life. So it is that during sexual intercourse, the penis does not penetrate further than the vagina as the strong tissue of the cervix and the plug of mucus seal off the uterus where the baby is.  The baby is also well protected in the bag of waters and it is cushioned against penile thrusts. The number of women who are advised to refrain sex during pregnancy is extremely small. So pregnant sex is safe for most of pregnant women.

When sex should be avoided?

Doctors may advise against sex up till the 12th week of pregnancy if a woman has a history of miscarriage. A woman who experiences vaginal bleeding during her pregnancy will also normally be asked to refrain from sex for couple of weeks. There is no conclusive evidence to suggest that sex under these circumstances will bring about another miscarriage or that avoiding sexual intercourse will prevent one; it is just better not to take any risks.

Some other conditions that can lead towards same type of caution are in advanced stage of pregnancy such as rupture membranes and multiple pregnancies which may cause early dilation of the cervix and the onset of premature labour pains. The women with threatened abortion may be advised for longer avoidance.


Changing Emotions:

It is not unusual for women to put off sex during pregnancy due to physical and emotional changes. As in second and third trimester, she may start to feel herself ugly, fat and clumsy and not desirable to her husband. Man may think as a threat to baby if he has sex with his wife. The situation may get worse or negative due to such thoughts. They can be tense and nervous.

Worries forced by some couples as a result of unplanned pregnancy and may cause them to become disinterested in sex. On the other hand, some couples put their worries aside and continue their normal life. Some women may feel it very good and glow and charming in pregnancy.

Some couples may enjoy sex more than once they know that the woman is pregnant. before that, they may be carefull about leakage of condom and the pills have not been missed. In such situation, they may be more relaxed and near to each other.

Physical Changes:

During first trimester, most women suffer from morning sickness and other discomforts associated with pregnancy. So it difficult for her to enjoy the sex life in this trimester. As these symptoms normally remain till three months, so will be relaxed again. After having control back of her body, she is ready to enjoy the pregnancy and can resume the intimate relationship with her husband.

As the breasts prepare themselves for lactation, they become enlarged and tender. A small-breasted woman may feel good about her breasts at this time whereas a well-endowed woman may feel heavy, sensitive and even painful.

For the latter, energetic foreplay which involves the breasts may be a torture and may ultimately put the woman off sex during her pregnancy. This situation can be discussed with the husband and he could be more gentle with the breasts and settle with another form of foreplay.

Some couple lovemaking a chore as the enlarging abdomen gets in the way of things. This can easily be overcome by using other more suitable positions for sexual intercourse which would be comfortable for both.

Suggested 5 positions for sex during pregnancy:

  1. Both partners kneel on the bed in a rear entry position and he avoids over-deep thrusting.
  2. She lies at the edge of the bed and he kneels between her legs on the floor. Lack of abdominal pressure makes this position especially suitable in the later stages of pregnancy.
  3. The couple lie side by side for rear entry. Again, there is little abdominal pressure.
  4. The husband sits on a chair. The wife sits on his lap facing him and so controls the penetration.
  5. Instead of the usual male superior position, the couple reverse position with the husband lying on his back instead of on top of her and now she is on top. In this way, there will be little pressure on her abdomen and it also allows the woman greater control of her movement for she is the one who intimates and leads.

Sex Guide:

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