Mental Health, Hygiene and Longevity:Chinese Secrets

Mental Health, Hygiene and Longevity:Chinese Secrets

Hygiene is the base of mental health. An old maxim say that “life relies on movement”. The movement of the brain is an important factor in mental health. Li Shizhen, a great medical expert of the Ming Dynasty, pointed out that “the brain is the headquarters of vital energy”. The health of the brain directly influences all physiological activities of the body. So an ancient expert of life preservation said that “longevity is closely linked with brain hygiene”. Modern research also proves that the brain is the supreme headquarter  of the body. It commands all activities of systems and organs, and coordinates their functions. It is obvious that a health brain is the prerequisite of good health. We can use herbal tea for this but let us see chinese secrets.

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How to maintain mental health?

Chinese traditional medicine holds that an important measure is to use the brain frequently. Cao Cishan of the Qing Dynasty said, “Never stop studying because of old age”. The brain deteriorates gradually with the aging process, but frequent use can postpone this, provide more blood and oxygen to the brain and promote the growth of brain cells. Scientific research shows that frequent use of brain benefits people of all age group. Mental workers have a later aging process in the brain cells and a higher intelligence quotient in old age than manual worker. Surveys provide convincing data showing that in old age the intellectual have a 50% higher intelligence.A vigorous brain can better coordinate the functions of the body, thus strengthening the physique and prolonging the life span. In past, many scholars have longer lifespan than normal people.


Sun simiao of Tang Dynasty wrote a book at the age of 100. A survey shows that the average life span of 400 outstanding scientists is 67 years. The scientist who used their brain more lived more like Edison 84 and newton 85 years etc. With the advent of Science and technology, new paradigm has arose. Chinese Medicine provides following guidelines for better mental health.

1. Brain Exercise:

It is an important aspect for brain health. To attain this goal, the key lies in the cultivation of interest in study. It is worth mentioning that the education at early age is beneficial to later stages. Old people can postpone their brain deterioration by doing brain exercise by studying of interest. There are number of schools, courses for older people to remain intact with study.

2. Brain Bath:

It is not only to use the brain but have to adjust it.Every morning after getting up, have a walk and do morning exercises such as taijiquan and qigong. Morning fresh air provides brain more oxygen and awake nerves and muscles. You can change your environment, see the beautiful flower, listen to sound of water stream and walking on green grass is the bath of the brain.

3. Control Sexual Life:

Chinese traditional medicine holds that the kidney channel commands the bones, which produce marrow. It is linked with the brain. The activities of the brain rely on the nourishment of the kidney channel which is closely linked with sperm. Controlling sexual life will preserve sperm, which is beneficial to brain. Excessive sexual life exhausts energy and accelerates the aging process. it will also reduce resistance to diseases.

4. Nutrition of Brain:

The weight of brain is only 2 percent but it consumes 20 percent of your body energy. So it requires a lot quantity of nutrition. Brain tissues contain fat, protein, sugar, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and calcium. Fat is ranked first. Better nutrition will increase the ability of cerebral cortex to control excitation and inhibition and raise work efficiency. Vice Versa will cause a severe ailment.

Following foods are tonic for brain.

Nuts, black sesame seeds, peanuts, beancurd products, corn, millet, dates, pumpkin seeds,chestnuts, honey, quail, fish and human milk. Pregnant women should eat more of these foods.

Tonic Making:

1000 grams of walnut meats, 500 grams of longan and 2000 grams of honey. Boil the honey and mix with mashed walnut meats and longan in a jar. Take 30 grams of mixture twice a day.

5. Finger Exercises:

Finger exercises increase thinking ability and strengthen intelligence. Rotating two metal balls or walnuts in the palm of the hand stimulates the brain and development of its functions. It will also help in body balance.

6. Massage:


Use the fingers as comb and comb the hair from forehead to the back of head 12 times. Then use the two thumbs to rub the taiyang points at the temples. With eight finger,s press the top of head massaging vertically 12 times. Finally exert enough strength on the two thumbs to rotate on the taiyang points clockwise and counterclockwise each 12 times. Do it twice in a day.


For better life, give up smoking, keep in a good mood, be optimistic, love life and work hard. It will increase your mental health, hygiene and life longevity.


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