Massage therapy for Insomnia: Sleep Issues

Insomnia: Sleep Issues and it’s massage therapy

Insomnia is a sleep disorder and there can be different causes of insomnia. sleep and good health is life long companion.  Individuals with insomnia find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep. The effects can be devastating.

Causes of insomnia:

It can be caused by physical and psychological factors. There is sometimes an underlying medical condition that causes chronic insomnia, while transient insomnia may be due to a recent event or occurrence. Insomnia is commonly caused by:

  • Disruptions in circadian rhythm – jet lag, job shift changes, high altitudes, environmental noise, extreme heat or cold.
  • Psychological issues – bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety disorders, or psychotic disorders.
  • Medical conditions – chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, congestive heart failure, angina, acid-reflux disease (GERD), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, sleep apnea, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, hyperthyroidism, arthritis, brain lesions, tumors, stroke.
  • Hormones – estrogen, hormone shifts during menstruation.
  • Other factors – sleeping next to a snoring partner, parasites, genetic conditions, overactive mind, pregnancy.woman-unable-to-sleep

Eleven Remedies:

  1. Regularity in getting up and going to bed is first factor. Set your time for both.
  2. Sleep Time: It varies a person to person. 8 hours are average time. It depends upon age also. Baby may need more sleep.
  3. Environment for Sleep: Air Conditioners are good for this. Too warm and too cold will affect your sleep.
  4. Sleeping Position: You should care for your position of sleep. Sleeping on belly will disturb your stomach and press the chest and heart. It suppress its functions. On your left side, it will also disturb heart and can cause nightmares. On your back, can cause muscle stretch. So best position is lying on your right side with bent knees, putting one arm under your head and other on thigh, Backbone in bow shape.
  5. What you sleep with: Height of pillow matters. 8 to 15 cm is Ok for you to relax. It should not too hard or too soft. Same bed should not be too hard or too soft. Wear loose dress while sleeping. It will allow blood flow easily.
  6. First relax the heart. If you are nervous, excited or worried then it is difficult to sleep. First relax your heart by reading book related to literature and art. Before sleep, relaxing the heart is important.
  7. Cultivate good sleep habits: washing the feet, brushing the teeth are good habits. Drinking tea, coffee or Alcohol is not good at all.
  8. Diet Moderately: If the stomach is not comfortable then sleep is disturbed. So eat less and don’t eat late.
  9. Don’t sleep too much: Sleeping too much hurts the vital energy. It ends up in dizziness, weakness of limbs and jaded appetite.
  10. Work and Rest Moderately: Intense work physically or mentally excites the nerves. Don’t do overwork before sleep. Although fatigue helps in sleep and works as sleeping pills but in old age, it gets worse to sleep. So work moderately before sleep.
  11. Treat Insomnia actively: Insomnia is a bitter thing. When the night falls, worries come.To treat it, you need to find the reason then change these factors. Please Don’t neglect Insomnia.Insomnia-850x250

Massage Therapy for Insomnia:

There are two massage therapies for insomnia other than these remedies.

  1. Take a sitting position. Press the finger on the sanyinjiao acupuncture point 3.9 inches above the inner ankle bone just behind the edge of the tibia 30 times. A feeling of soreness or swelling will show that you are doing at the right point. Lie on your back. Press with the hand alternatively  the shenman points .
  2. Alternatively press the shenman points on both wrists 30 times. Lie on comfortable position. Make a loss fist and place it on the forehead with hard part touching the eye brow. Concentrate on the pressed area while listening to your breathing. You will fall asleep in minmassage1utes.Shenmen-pressure-point-for-sleep
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