Lemon Green Tea: Home Remedy

Lemon Green Tea: Home Remedy

Lemon Green Tea is a home remedy for many diseases such as Dyspepsia, Scurvy, Arteriosclerosis, constipation, cholera and Jaundice.


Squeeze half a lemon juice into a cup of green tea.


Beneficial Effects:

Remedy for:

  • Dyspepsia/ burning sensation or acidity. The lemon juice is acidic but when juice is metabolized in the body they actually have an alkaline effect.
  • Gout/ Rheumatism/ arthritis and backache. As citric acid found in lemon is a solvent of uric acid. So cures sore joints.
  • Scurvy(degeneration of skin, teeth, blood vessels), weakness, delayed wound healing, impaired immunity as it contains vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
  • Arteriosclerosis (Narrowing of arteries due to deposition of cholesterol) and Hypertension. The peeling is the richest source of vitamin-P (phosphorus). It strengthens arterial system, bones and teeth.
  • Constipation: squeeze one lemon juice in warm glass of water in the morning.
  • Cholera: lemon juice kills cholera germs within short time. Use lemon in warm water or with green tea.
  • Jaundice: 20 ml of lemon juice a day in green tea several times a day.
  • Migraine: a cup of lemon tea in the morning. Make fine paste of lemon peeling and applied on forehead.
  • Neuritis (inflammation of neurons): lemon flowers infusion with green tea is a tonic for nerves.
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