Human Body: A Miracle of Nature.

Human Body: A Miracle of Nature.

Human body is a true miracle of Nature. You can’t sumup all body facts in one article. We will see few about blood, Senses and muscles etc. Let’s start with Bloody Facts.


Human Blood:

  • Interestingly, Human blood travels 100,000(100K) KM per day. It is equal to two rounds of whole Netherland(Holland).
  • It takes about 30 seconds for blood to go around your body once.
  • The Blood vessels in adult is equal to 100,000(100K) KM long in distance.
  • There are about 5 hundred millions red blood cell and 5 million white blood cell in 1 cm of body.
  • Normally, 7-8% of human body weight is from blood.  In adults, this amounts to 4.5-6 quarts of blood in human body. It is more than  to fill a 1-gallon milk jug.Source (Life Science)
  • By the time they’re 5 or 6 years old, children have about the same amount of blood as adults do. But because children are smaller and their bones, muscles and organs don’t weigh as much, their blood makes up a larger percentage of their body weight than it does in adults.
  • In comparison, newborn babies have barely any blood. A newborn baby weighing between 5 and 8 lbs. (2.3 to 3.6 kg) has only about 1 cup (0.2 liters) of blood in their body. Source

Human Body Characteristics:

  • Human body gives off as much heat as 100w light bulb. Most of the heat comes fro liver.
  • You have got round about 9000 taste buds on your tongue.
  • You have 20M smell cells in your nose.
  • A Healthy human male will release between 3 to 4 hundred Million sperm in one ejaculation. Only one is needed to fertilize an egg.
  • Healthy sperm swim at 4mm per minute.
  • An average human female may ovulate as many as 400 times during her life.
  • No contraceptive is 100% safe.
  • Syphilis is caused by a bacterium. Human gets infection from dirty towel or by direct sexual contact.
  • People who don’t get enough Vitamin A in their diet(carrot is full of it) suffer from poor night vision(Night Blindness)
  •  There are 206 Bones in the human body. The longest is the femur and the smallest is the stapes in the middle ear.
  • Maximum time, a human body can survive without food and water is recorded 18 days. No human found alive more than 18 days.
  • Human brain contains about 100,000,000,000 neurons. More importantly, after the age of 18, human will lose about 1000 of these neurons every day.
  • A nerve impulse can travel through some parts of  your nervous system at the speed of 288KM/Hr.
  • The highest human body temperature a person has had and survived is 46.5C.
  • Muscles make up about 40% of human body weight. Three kind of muscle in the body are cardiac, smooth and skeletal muscles.
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