How to get pregnant

How to Get Pregnant? Trying to Conceive?

How to Get Pregnant? Having a baby is an Issue? Let’s get it

Most of the women are worried about “How to get Pregnant“. No doubt fertility is an issue these days. Some time it takes a long time to get pregnant when couple is trying to conceive. Don’t Worry at all. We will discuss in detail about it. People often feel little ashamed while discussing such realities of life. But it is also matter of fact that you need to know the right time for having a baby.

The process of “How to get Pregnant”:getting pregnant

Only one ovum is produced per month but as many as 200 to 400 million sperm, each 0.05 mm long, are deposited in the vagina during sexual intercourse. When ovulation takes place, the ovum, which is about 0.15 mm in diameter, about the size of the point of a fine needle, escapes from one of the ovaries and finds its way into the Fallopian tube.

At this time of ovulation, the cervix secretes a flow of alkaline mucus that attracts the sperm. A limited number reach the Fallopian tube but only one fuses with nucleus of the ovum. The fusion of the ovum  and the sperm is called conception or fertilization. This initiates a beginning of new life.

when is the best time to get pregnant?

The most likely period for conception to take place is immediately following ovulation. Which occurs 14 days before the next menstrual period. Depending on the length of the menstrual cycle, this works out to be between 10th and 18th day of the menstrual cycle for most women. Neither the ovum nor the sperm is thought to be capable of fertilization after 48 hours. Conception normally takes place within 24 hours of ovulation.least_possibly_time_to_get_pregnant

Fertilization normally take place in the outer part of the Fallopian tube, when the sperm penetrates the ovum by means of the sharp point in its head and fuses with the nucleus of the ovum to form a cell structure about 0.12 mm in size. The surface of the ovum then changes so that it can not be penetrated by any other sperm.

Although there are reports of motile sperm persisting within the vagina for up to 12 hours after ejaculation, motility of most vaginal sperm is diminished within about 30 minutes, and after 2 hours almost all sperm motility in the vagina has been lost.

Development of Zygote:

The zygote or fertilized ovum has no power of locomotion. It is wafted along by the cilia and by the peristaltic muscular contractions of the Fallopian tube. Zygote will be divided into two, four, eight and so on. Each division is specialized to form individual organs and characteristics. It takes four days for zygote to reach the uterus. At that moment, it is a solid ball of over a 100 cells.


Zygote is ready to be implanted after seven days in the upper part of uterus.  This process is completed before the date of next menstrual cycle.

Baby Girl or Baby Boy?

It all depends on the sperm released by male partner. Female is nothing to do with sex of baby. There are 23 chromosomes in each ovum and sperm( 22 normal and one sex chromosome). Ovum has both X chromosomes while sperm has X and Y chromosome. In case of Baby Girl, X chromosome of male sperm contribute with X chromosome of female ovum while for Baby boy, Y chromosome of Male sperm contribute with any of X chromosome of ovum. Thus it all depends on Sperm to decide the sex of baby.

Issues in getting pregnant:

These are common issues in getting pregnant.issues in pregnancy

  • How to get pregnant is also an issue. Be relax. It can be little late but will come surely. Have smile on the face. Don’t tense yourself.
  • Weak sperms ejected by male partner can be dead before reaching Fallopian tube. Solution is to get less sex in other days so that production and sperm health can be increased.
  • There are pus cells in semen analysis test. This will not allow conception. Solution is to take medication or antibiotic by male partner by the advice of doctor.
  • hormonal imbalance in female partner. This irregular production of hormones can be due to cyst or stones in any part of body just like in kidney etc. Take the right medicine for cyst control and hormonal balancing.
  • Irregular menstrual cycle. It can also leads towards delay in pregnancy. Consult your doctor. It can be advised as Simple flagyl course along with some folic acid tablets.
  • Non production of sperms or ovum. This is called infertility. In such case, you should consult specialist for guidance or alternative methods.

Still Questions in Mind?

Q: How long does it take to get pregnant?

A: It all depends on the timing of intercourse during the month. If you don’t understand the pattern then it can take long. So better to understand your ovulation time then have intercourse. It can be in one day or can take years to understand.

Q: What will be my day of ovulation?

A: Every female has difference in menstrual periods and days so ovulation is also different. irregularity in menstrual cycle can also change the overall impact and date of ovulation.

Q: Can I get the exact date of my ovulation?

A: Yes there are stripes that can tell you the day. Just like “clearplan” or other. It is simple home based test to know.

Q: Am I Pregnant?

A: You can check at home by using P-Strips such as clearblue or any other good quality. You can check on very first day of your missed menstrual period day after conception.

Q: What is the maximum age to be pregnant?

A: Normally after 40 years of age, it is difficult to get pregnant. But it is not the deadline. Only chances are less. Above chart gives a clear picture. A woman can be pregnant till the age, she gets her menstrual periods.

 Q: Is there any impact of mood or physical fitness on conception?

A: Yes, it is. A physically and mentally tired approach or not ready for each other can drag the matter. So it is important to be tension and fatigue free. Give 100% to each other by preparing for each other. Mood will also play an important role. So it does impact. For more details read here

If you have still any question left to know more about “How to get Pregnant“. Then do ask us in comments. We will try to answer and guide you. We have other help for you during pregnancy and after pregnancy. We will come up with more articles.

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