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Herbal Tea: A solution to your health problems

Herbal Tea: A solution to your health problems

Herbal tea is a solution for many of your health issues. It includes all of your body systems. It can be extracted from many sources. Ginger, Mint, Bamboo and many others are top of the list.

Tea Preparation:

Herbal tea can be prepared alone by steeping the herb 1-3 minutes in a boiling water depending on the flavor, strength of the herb and can be used as such or pour the hot, boiling water infusion into a pot with green leaves to get herbal tea or infusion. Add sugar or honey as desired.

Water is very important for making quality and aromatic tea, too many foreign substances in the water will spoil the tea. Spring water is ideal. Other good quality water includes unpolluted snow water, rain water and water from wells or from rivers far from habitation.

Porcelain pot with proper lid and transparent white cups also matter to enjoy the colour and aroma of a tea. Transparent tea cups are more attractive and freshening with tea.

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