Ghosts:Is it a myth or Reality?

Ghosts: A myth or Reality?


Ghosts or Paranormal activities are always in the limelight. People discuss about their experiences and what they saw. In this article, we will uncover this as a myth or reality. First we will explain few points.


Every creature of Earth contains a soul in it. Soul is created by Almighty creator(GOD) and put in body. Soul is ever lasting and will live on while body will be decay.


If we divide the creation of this earth into major groups then there are Humans, Animals, Plants and Jinns (A creature made of Fire). Humans, Animals and plants are made of Water and Mud. As we know enough about human, animals and plants so let us discuss Jinns.


Jinns are another creation of God on earth. They are made of fire. They can travel fast as they have no mud structure with them. Jinns can travel with the speed of light. Jinn can change shapes. But when they change shape to any animal or human, they have same sort of powers as of human or animal. They live within our areas but preferably like to live in wilderness. They also possess a soul in them. Human eye can’t see them but can feel them if you get fear from any place or feel heat in particular area(as they are made of fire).

The Day:

Whenever any creature dies, its soul departs from his body. God has given animals and plants with predefined mindset(actions) with minimum power to decide. They normally live, eat and die. There will be no decision about their souls after death as they are part of a heavenly cycle. There are two creatures (Human and Jinns) who have fully developed brain and can decide between right and wrong.  In God’s system, the final decision about the deeds of souls of these two is pending till “The last day” (The day of Judgement). Interim decision about souls will be explained later in the article.


Anything which has a presence but is beyond our imagination or unusual way is called supernatural. Jinns are supernatural for human being as they can’t be seen with human eye. Even souls cannot be seen easily.

Interim Decision about Soul:

After the death of Human or Jinns, their bodies normally decay while their soul departs from his/her body. The interim decision till “The Day” is based on his/her deeds. Following categories are defined at this point.

Pious Souls:

Those people, who lived their life in right cause and remained humble, charitable and true human being or jinn, these souls will be given choice to sleep till “The day” or can roam around to see the blessing of Lord. They will be given free will. You will feel “Perfumed smell” from those areas where these souls will move or sleep.

Worst Souls:

Those people or jinns who have done wrong throughout their life and remained consistent on it are worst souls. They will be given punishment from the day of their death. This punishment can be of different nature.

Average Souls:

Those people who have done some good things and some bad things in life are average souls. Their souls will be slept till “The Day” when their decision will be made.


Ghosts are the souls which are of worst category. They were in love for money or materialistic desires throughout their life. After death, they were punished to remain on earth and due to lust for their desires. Their souls will be roaming around those houses or people or places where they want to be in their lives. The Ghosts souls can be due to accidental death or revenge.


Sometime souls are not ghost but Bad jinns (Satanic souls in them) can be ghost. They will try to use your fear. If you will afraid from them, they will try to oppress you. For example, if you will try to occupy the place where they live (As you don’t know their existence), they will try to threaten you with voices, acts and sometime changing their shapes just like human. They will try to afraid you so that you may leave the place.


How to Avoid Ghosts:

Don’t afraid of them as they are another creature just like animals or us. So, recite according to your faith. God will help you and guard you from those. It is your mind power and God’s help, which will force them to leave the area.

SO GHOST are reality and animals can see Ghosts just like Dogs, Horses and Cats can see them.

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