early pregnancy signs

Early Pregnancy Signs: how early can you know?

Early Pregnancy Signs: how early do you get pregnancy symptoms?

It is one of the important question that what are early pregnancy signs and how early do you get pregnancy symptoms? Well we will tell you step by step changes and identification in this article. During pregnancy, a new organ called the placenta develops where the fertilized egg implants in the womb as discussed in last article about pregnancy. Through it, the unborn baby receives his nourishment from the mother. He returns waste products for excretion. Hormones formed by the placenta produce changes in your body to support the growing foetus and prepare for childbirth and breastfeeding. Although directed primarily at the uterus and breasts, they will affect other parts of your body as well.

Early Pregnancy Signs:

There are early pregnancy signs which can be pregnancy discharge etc. We will discuss it one by one and pregnancy week by week. Even before your pregnancy confirmed by a urine test and internal examination, you may have noticed changes in your body.

Missed Period(Amenorrhoea):

The first early pregnancy symptom can be missed period. This is often earliest sign of pregnancy but illness, stress and anxiety can also cause amenorrhoea. Some pregnant women experience spotting of blood during implantation, or if hormone levels are not high enough yet. spotting can also be a sign of threatened miscarriage so inform your doctor of any bleeding during pregnancy.

Nausea with or without vomiting:

Although traditionally called morning sickness, it can happen at any time of the day or night. The condition occurs in about 50 percent of pregnant women. It ranges from queasiness at the sight or smell of certain foods to vomiting several times a day. Rarely does it persist beyond three months.

Frequency of urination:

This is due to increased blood flow in the body and pressure on the bladder from the enlarging uterus. After three months, the situation usually improves because the uterus rises out of the pelvis into the abdomen. In late pregnancy, when the head of the foetus descends into the pelvis, it may recur. It is important not to limit fluid intake.

Some pregnant women are prone to urinary tract infections. Consult your doctor if you have pain or a burning sensation when passing urine or if your urine becomes cloudy, blood stained and foul smelling.

Breast Changes:darkening-of-the-areolas-early-pregnancy-symptoms

In preparation of breastfeeding, the glands enlarge and fat is deposited. The breasts become bigger and feel tender. Veins appear more prominent. The nipples and surrounding areola darken. Montgomery’s tubercles can be seen on the areola. The small nodules are enlarged sebaceous glands.

Increased Vaginal Discharge:

A Clear copious discharge which may leave a yellowish stain on your underwear is normal. A coloured discharge which causes an itch and smells offensive is a sign of vaginal infection. It is quite common in pregnancy and can be easily treated.

Food Craving and Aversions:

Your appetite increases during pregnancy but you may go off certain foods and develop cravings for unusual ones. Too much sweet and starchy food can cause excessive weight gain. Alcohol, caffeinated drinks, cigarettes and foods with artificial colouring and preservatives are best avoided for baby’s sake.

These are few early pregnancy signs which give you the answer of “AM I PREGNANT

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