Diet for Diabetes: Cure Using Diet and Herbal Medicines

Diabetes: Diet plan, Treatment and Cure

Diabetes and its Symptoms:

Diabetes is caused by the deficiency of insulin secretion which leads to the disturbance of the sugar metabolism in the body. When the body cannot assimilate sugar normally, it is retained in the blood, showing an increase in blood sugar.When the amount of blood sugar exceeds the kidney threshold, glucose will be discharged in the urine.

When sugar is discharge from the kidney, it brings with it much liquid, increasing the amount of urine. It alternatively increase the demand of water for the patient. Since much glucose is lost and sugar in the body cannot be fully consumed, the patience easily feels hungry. He tires easily and becomes emaciated.

Diabetes can be contracted in children and old people. People above 40 years are in more frequency. Generally office workers have more chance than labour and city resident has more chance of it than villagers.  It can also passed as hereditary.diabetes-complications

Diabetes Treatment:

The first step to control is through diet.  The key is to limit the intake of carbohydrates, grains and sugar. Minor cases can be recovered through diet control. Even serious cases can be stabilized using diet plan. Unrestricted eating will result in worst situation.

Through Diet:diabetes type 1 symptoms nhs

Diabetics should control their sugar  by not taking it or bare minimal intake. Potatoes, fruit juices and desserts should be completely avoided. If they intake any of this then their main food grains should be cut down to balance it. Usual amount of main food will be between 200 and 205 grams for those who don’t work. It is 300 gram for those who do light labour and so on. Extremely bitter, hot and cold food should be avoided.

Eat more protein-rich food such as milk, egg, fish, lean meat and bean products. To prevent arteriosclerosis, diabetics should use vegetable oil and avoid high cholesterol elements. They should eat little roe, brains, yolk, fat and animal internal organs. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also good for them. A small amount of honey taken on a regular basis can help lower the blood sugear. The process of recovery through diet control is slow. Practitioners should keep the patient steady with it.

Through Herbal Medicines:

Herbal medicine prescription is based on degree of three main symptoms in diabetics along with distinction of kidney weakness from lung fire and stomach heat.  For all, diet should be light. Sweet, heavy, hot or other pungent food and alcohol is forbidden. Proper diet is required.

  1. Diabetic’s Upper Body Symptoms:

Symptoms:  The mouth is dry and the tongue feels hot. The tongue is yellow coated and red at the edge and tip. The pulse is strong and fast, and the patient drinks and urinates much more than normal. Treatment should help bring fever down, moisten the lungs, promote the secretion of saliva and slake thirst.

Prescription 1: Pear juice:

Slice a big juice pear. Soak the slices in cold water for 12 hours. Drink the water frequently.

Prescription 2: Five- Juice Drink:

Mix proper amount of fresh reed rhizome, peeled pear, peeled water chestnuts, fresh lotus root and fresh tuber of dwarf lilyturf. Drain the juice and drink it cold or hot. No limit.

Prescription 3: Chinese Trichosanthes:

Roots and Chinese Yam Gruel, Wash 15 grams of chinese trichosanthes roots, 10 grams of chinese yams, and 30 grams of rice. Put in a pot and add three bowls of cold water. Boil for 20 minutes and add a teaspoon of honey. Dose: One bowlful twice a day for two months.

2. Diabetic’s Middle Body Symptoms:

Symptoms:  The patient eats a lot, gets hungry and thirsty easily and become emaciated. Bowel movement are hard and dry, and the urination is frequent. Pulse is thready but strong. Treatment should be aimed at moistening the stomach,soothing bowel movements, building up the yins and protecting body fluid.

Prescription 1: Clam and Balsam Pear soup:

Use 250 grams of balsam pear and 100 grams of live clams(soaked in fresh water for two days) to make a soup. Flavours can be added as desired. Consume all.

Prescription 2: The Roots of membranous milkvetch and chinese yams soup:

Boil 30 grams of the roots and 30 grams of chinese yam. Drink it as tea.

3. Diabetic’s Lower Body Symptoms:

Symptoms:  The patient urinate a lot and urine is thick and turbid and in some cases sweet. The mouth is dry and producing little saliva and tongue is red. The pulse is thin and fast. Treatment is aimed to strengthen kidney functions..

Prescription : Sparrow and Medicine Gruel:herbal

Slowly boiled down 30 grams of dodder seeds and 30 grams of chinese wolfberry in an earthenware pot. Keep the liquid. Stir-fry five cleaned sparrows in cooking wine. Boil the cooked sparrows and 100 grams of rice in the juice. When it is about to done, add salt, ginger and the white of a green chinese onion. Drink the gruel.

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