Avoid Cardiologist: Heart health in summer

Avoid Cardiologist: Heart health in Summer

Using traditional chinese Exercises.

It is in the summer that all living things flourish the most and the human body metabolism is most active. In the long days, short nights and hot weather, people have more outdoor activities and less sleep. Higher energy consumption means quicker blood circulation, more sweat and a heavier burden on the heart. Neglecting proper heart health care will be harmful. You can avoid cardiologist by doing simple traditional chinese exercises and medicines.

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There are many ways to protect the heart and do proper heart health care. For example,

  • Going to bed later in the evening and getting up earlier in the morning
  • Wearing lighter clothing and changing more often
  • Eating less warm food and more sour, sweet and spicy food to make up the excessive sweat and to keep in good mood.

Here are four exercises to avoid cardiologist and to keep your heart healthy.

Keep in Mind that you have to sit straight for all exercises.

Cardio Exercise 1:

Place the two arms between the thighs naturally. Breathe evenly. Then make fist., exhale when clenching fist and inhale when loosening. Repeat six time without interruption. Clenching fist can also release stress.


This exercise can regulate the qi( vital energy) and blood flow. Exerting strength following the breath is beneficial to the normal functioning of the channels and collaterals through which the qi circulates. When making fists, the movements of the fingers can massage the laogong points at the center of palms, which is good for heart health. A better result can be achieved by grasping a keep fit ring in each hand.


Cardio Exercise 2:

Use the left hand to press the right wrist. Breathe evenly. Raise the two hands above the head as if lifting something heavy. Exhale when the hands are up and inhale when they are down. Repeat 10 t 15 times. Then put the right hand on left wrist and do the same. Also repeat 10 to 15 times.

This exercise can promote the normal operation of channels and collaterals, regulate the qi and blood flow, and limber the muscles and joints of the arms.

Cardio Exercise 3:

Clasp the two hands. Bend the right knee, put the knee between the two palms. Exert strength against the knee, then relax. Change to the left knee and do the same. Repeat six time each.

This exercise can treat ailments in the chest area and make one feel relieved. It can also limber the muscles and joints of the limbs.

Cardio Exercise 4:

Place the two arms on the knees naturally. Close the eyes slightly. Breathe evenly. Close mouth slightly. Sit still for a while. When the sliva accumulates, swallow it in three gulps. Then clamp the teeth 10 to 15 times.

Ths exercise can tranquilize the nerves, strengthen the teeth and invigorate the function of the spleen.

Important point to remember:

You should sit straight in the quiet place with cool,fresh air for all of these exercises. Early morning or in the evening is best. Elderly people, weak and those with heart troubles should do more in the summer to avoid cardiologist.

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