5 Interesting Man of Year by Time Magazine

5 Interesting “Man of Year” by Time Magazine:

Every year, Time magazine picks the person — or sometimes the people or the thing — that shaped the world the most, and names them its Person of the Year. But the award isn’t just about positive social impact: evildoers, scandalous figures and ideas at the center or raging debates have all been granted the year’s top honor. There are 5 Interesting Man of Year awards by TIME Magazine.

  1. YOU Were Interesting Man of Year

    Yes, You have been awarded with Man of Year. In 2006, everyone was the Person of the Year. Time gave the honor to “You,” alluding to the millions of Internet users who contributed user-generated content to the Web.

    Critics called the pick a gimmicky cop-out. After all, 2006 had its fair share of newsmakers: Venezuela President Hugo Chavez and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were top picks in reader polls.You as Man of Year

  2. ADOLF HITLER Was Interesting Man of Year

    Time has a thing for dictators. Hitler was named Man of the Year in 1938, on the eve of World War II.

    Hitler was the dictator of Nazi Germany when he won. In November 1938, Nazi’s destroyed Jewish-owned buildings on Kristallnacht and sent at least 30,000 Jewish Germans to concentration camps, foreshadowing the horrors of the Holocaust to come.

    Hitler as Man of Year

  3. JOSEPH STALIN Was Interesting Man of Year


    Stalin claimed the title twice: 1939 and 1942.. Stalin dictated the Soviet Union on the opposite side of the war. Under his rule, Soviet soldiers executed Polish prisoners of war, reportedly raped women in occupied towns and set up their own concentration camps.Stalin

  4. THE COMPUTER Was Also Interesting Man of Year

    In 1982, Time made the Man of the Year a machine. It named the computer the most influential thing of the year. The IBM PC was released a year earlier and Apple’s Lisa was queuing up for a 1983 release.

    While technology shaped the year — and every year after it — naming a machine the year’s “Man” was a bizarre, harsh choice.Computer

  5.  THE ENDANGERED EARTH AS Interesting Man of Year

    The climate change political debate was just budding in 1988, the year Time named the Earth the Planet of the Year. That year, the UN established Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to start studying human-induced climate change.

    Since then, the environment has been at the center of debates between politicians and across dinner tables. From the Kyoto Protocol to “An Inconvenient Truth” to the American Clean Energy and Security Act, the climate debate is still a hot-button issue.Planet as Man of Year



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