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  • Whereas in Center Earth, Gandalf was referred to by as many as 15 completely different names. A few of these embody Mithrandir, The Gray Pilgrim, and Pointy Hat.
  • Gandalf’s look was impressed by a postcard that J. R. R. Tolkien purchased in Switzerland.
  • Gandalf used telepathy, not magic, to free Théoden from Saruman’s thoughts management.
  • Of the three Elven rings of energy, Gandalf was given Narya, which had the talents to regulate fireplace and lightweight.
  • It’s believed that of the 5 Maiar despatched to Center Earth, Gandalf is the one one who remained true to his mission.
  • Earlier than Thráin II, the Dwarf king and father of Thorin Oakenshield, died, he gave Gandalf the map and key to the Lonely Mountain.
  • Gandalf acquired his horse, Shadowfax, from Theodin. Shadowfax is the Lord of Horses and stated to be sooner than wind! He aided Gandalf on many missions.
  • Gandalf spent over 2,000 years in Center Earth earlier than he sailed throughout the ocean again to the Valinor, additionally referred to as the Timeless Lands.
  • Initially, Galadriel wished Gandalf to be the pinnacle of The White Council, however he refused as a result of he didn’t need to be restricted by something besides the Valar that despatched him.
  • Gandalf suspected that the Necromancer was Sauron earlier than anybody else did.
  • Clever as he was, Gandalf didn’t anticipate Saruman to hitch Sauron.
  • Gandalf’s eyebrows had been described as being so lengthy and bushy, that they caught out from beneath the rim of his hat!
  • The boundaries of Gandalf’s magic had been by no means outlined by Tolkien. It’s clear, nonetheless, that he has way more energy than he ever demonstrated in Center Earth.
  • Gandalf met Thorin Oakenshield on an opportunity assembly in Bree. It was there that they derived the plan to go to Erebor, however they’d completely different motivations. Gandalf wished to destroy the dragon Smaug, whereas Thorin wished to reclaim the dwarves misplaced kingdom.
  • After Gandalf satisfied Bilbo to depart The Ring with Frodo, he left and spent the following 17 years doing analysis and looking for solutions on The Ring earlier than returning to Frodo.


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